Our Beliefs

The beliefs of African Methodist are based on the teaching of the Bible and the practices of the early Christian Church.

  • God is an uncreated Spirit. He is the Creator and Preserver of the universe and the Father of humankind.
  • God is Omnipotent (all powerful).
  • Omnipresent (ever present).
  • Omniscient (all knowing).
  • Jesus came to earth to reveal God to us.
  • Jesus’ death our sins are forgiven.
  • Power of God over death was displayed once and for all by Jesus’ resurrection.
  • Holy Spirit is that part of God’s head (Holy Trinity) that comforts, directs, empowers, strengthens, and enlightens the believers.
  • The Holy Spirit convicts us for our sins of omission and commission: by thought, word, and deed.
  • The Holy Spirit speaks to us in our heart, “nudges” us to do the right thing and directs us in the right way.

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