Our History


Richard Allen and his associates, out of the doctrine of the Fatherhood of God, derived what amounted to the new concept of Christian brotherhood.  This new concept extended brotherhood to cover all the people of the world. By this motto, we therefore, proclaim to the world that we look upon men as our brother. No one is excluded from our fellowship.



In the year of 1878, a small group of African Methodist Episcopal Church members, residents of the islands and neighboring communities decided to establish a place at which they could have prayer services and church meetings.  For several years this group of people continued having prayer meetings and testimonial services in rented apartments and rooms.  The numbers increased at a rate that attracted the attention of the Pastors of Emanuel AME, Morris Brown AME, and other AME ministers in the city.  At the next Annual Conference, these ministers recommeded that this church become connected to the AME Church.  Rev. William W. Beckett was appointed pastor of this charge by the Bishop.  Several years later he was elected the fortieth Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  The church was named St. Luke AME Church.  The church at this time was located on Holbeck Alley in downtown Charleston.


Rev. Simon Brewington was the next pastor appointed to St. Luke AME.  During this time membership increase to Twenty-five (25).  The church moved three times prior to the construction of the church on Wilson Street.  The church construction was started by Rev. Brewington and completed by Rev. W. P. Carolina.  Rev. Carolina's plans involved a self help ministry which included men who were carpenters, brick layers, plumbers, and other trades.  The women cooked food and made coffee for the men who worked on the church.  Upon the completion of the church a thirty day revival was held and many souls were saved.


Rev. H. T. Lights was the next pastor appointed at St. Luke.  He served for four years.  His tenure was followed by Rev. O. D. Robinson.  Rev. Robinson developed a youth ministry.


Rev. J. S. Morant followed Rev. Robinson and found the church in debt.  In a short while, the debt was paid and the mortgage burned.  Rev. B. H. Bianchi was assigned the new pastor after Rev. J. S. Morant.  He developed our Sunday School and Allen Christian Endeavor League.

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